Animal Fest/Open House

This year instead of Animal Fest, we are celebrating an Open House on Saturday, October 26th, 2019 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at PAWS Animal Haven and Adoption Facility. PAWS is located at 4321 East Hayes St.

We are celebrating 20 years of service to the community with dogs and cats for adoption and a few other kinds of animals over the years we rescued.

We are 27 years old as an organization. We started in the spring of 1991 and became a 501c3 in June of 1992. 8 of those years were run out of Dorothy Farmer's home until the current shelter was built, thanks to Steve Yaffe's Charitable Trust and lots of work from the board.

We hope the community will support the PAWS shelter, we have done good things for many people and pets over all these years. This is our fund raiser for the year and we hope to see a big show of community support.

This year there will be door prizes for pets, raffle tickets to win nice gifts, homemade baked goods for sale, soda and water for sale, and PAWS T-shirts for sale.

2019 Sponsors

  • Charlie's Chicken East
  • Dorothy and Louis Farmer
  • Griffin Holding Inc.
  • Advance Workzone Services, LLC
  • Animal Medical Center
  • William & Humphrey Insurance
  • Corporate to Casual
  • Sadler Paper Company

2019 Donations

  • Ranae Bumgarner
  • Patsy Rodin
  • Kate Schroeder
  • Paige Frix
  • Brenda Hull
  • Sue Cote
  • Tammy Stiles
  • Sandy Cox

Thank you to the Volunteers:
  • Ranae Bumgarner
  • Paige Frix
  • Charlotte Palmer
  • Dorothy Farmer
  • Brenda Hull
  • Claudette Sena
  • Louis Farmer

Thank you to the PAWS Employees:
  • Jody Nelson
  • Steven Cunningham

2019 PAWS Tshirt